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Why you should consider having an engagement photoshoot

Wedding Planning - 11.01.17

Engagement photography may seem a little self-indulgent or nerve-wracking at first, but there are a tonne of benefits that come with booking this exclusive type of photoshoot.

We recommend booking your wedding photographer at around 9-12 months before your wedding date. Many couples are now choosing to have an engagement photoshoot (or pre-wedding photoshoot) with their chosen photographer at this stage.

Engagement photography may seem a little self-indulgent or nerve wracking at first, but there are a tonne of benefits that come with booking this exclusive type of photoshoot.

Capture the magic

The period leading up to your wedding day – your engagement – is an incredibly exciting and special time, full of anticipation, joy, and romance. This is why many couples choose to have an engagement photo shoot (or pre-wedding photo shoot) to ensure the moment is captured in all its glory.

Reduce (some) nerves

It’s completely normal to go through a whole range of emotions leading up to the wedding day – there’s a lot to be nervous and worried about. An engagement shoot means that having your photo taken doesn’t need to be one of those daunting things. Couples who have an engagement shoot know exactly what to expect on their wedding day and will therefore be able to focus their attention on actually getting married, instead of worrying about the photographs.

Get to know your photographer

Your wedding photographer is going to spend the whole day following you and snapshotting every magical moment, so it’s absolutely essential that you feel relaxed and comfortable in their company so that your photos are natural and of the highest quality. Of course, there will be no time for much chit-chat on the big day, so an engagement photoshoot presents the perfect opportunity for you both to get to know your photographer, allowing everyone to build a stronger bond and feel at ease in one another’s company.

Get creative

See the engagement photoshoot as a practice-run for your wedding day photography. Experiment with different poses, lighting, and angles to preview the sort of images you might create on your actual wedding day. If you’ve something particular in mind that you’d like to try out, the engagement photoshoot is the perfect time to give it a go.

Look the part

If you’re having a hair and makeup trial, you might like to book your engagement photoshoot on the same day, so that you can check that you’re completely happy with how the style looks on camera. This would take some carefully timed planning so that you visit the salon in the morning (allow plenty of time for style experimentation) and then have the shoot in the afternoon. This wouldn’t be suitable if you’d prefer to keep your hair and makeup styles to yourself until your actual wedding day, but if you don’t mind giving him a sneak peek, this could be a practical solution.

Save the date

The engagement shoot photographs can easily be incorporated into your wedding decor and design. A lot of couples opt for an engagement shoot photo to style their save-the-date cards. You could also showcase some of the images on your wedding website if you’re having one, or frame them and give out them as gifts to close relatives.

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