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Tried and tested children’s wedding favours

Inspiration - 15.06.16

If you’ve got lots of children attending your wedding reception, it’s key to make sure they are kept entertained so that your special event can run as smoothly as possible. Treating them to wedding favours in the form of toys and treats is an instant win, as well as being an incredibly fun way to incorporate colour into your decor.

DIY ideas

Paper spinners

Paper spinners will provide the little ones with endless amounts of laughter and fun; and the process of making them is pretty entertaining too! Simply grab a toothpick, some brightly coloured paper, scissors, glue, and you’re good to go. Cut the paper into strips and wind them carefully around a toothpick, adding a small dollop of glue every so often – to help the paper bend. Once finished, coat the sides with glue to keep everything in place and stop the paper rotating round the axis. The spinners can be played with as soon as the glue is dry. Use glitters or stickers to create the perfect finishing touch.

Ribbon wands

While you can of course purchase toy wands at a relatively cheap cost, just imagine making them to match perfectly to your colour scheme. This way, they can double up as neat table decorations as well as adding an extra dimension to your wedding photos. All you need is wooden dowel, hooks, glue, and assorted ribbons. Add some glitz with paint, glitter, beads, and metal jingle bells.

Playdough kits

Let the kids get crafty with Playdough kits. There’s so many themed options available, from animals, to cars, letters and numbers, and fairytale characters, making it easy to keep everyone happy. Why not go one better and make your own dough, using flour, water, oil, salt, and food colouring? Then just throw in some wedding-y cookie cutters and let them create a mini artwork of your special day.

Mini pinatas

No party is complete without a colourful pinata, stuffed full of goodies. The great thing is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to add one (or some) to your wedding reception because they are so easy to make! You just need coloured paper, glue, scissors, tissue paper, and some old magazines or newspaper for papier-mache… and sweets or small toys to put inside. This DIY is completely customisable in terms of colour, shape, and texture and you don’t need to worry about it being too neat since it’ll eventually get smashed open to reveal the treats inside.

Highstreet finds

Mini power kites

These high-flying, fun favours are lightweight and fold up nice and small to fit into pockets. The perfect addition to a summer wedding, mini kites will get everyone outside mingling with one another in the sunshine, making for some lovely photo opportunities.


Everyone loves these little colourful blocks and they will keep the children entertained for hours, serving as an interesting distraction from the grown-ups during their wedding speeches. Fill a glass bowl with the bricks and pop it in the centre of the table with a cute note reading something like ‘building our love, one brick at a time’, we guarantee that everyone will get involved with some kind of build eventually.

Colourful windmills

Arrange colourful windmills into a vase to create a quirky ‘bouquet of flowers’ that is both impressive and interactive. These will really wow the little ones and would work particularly well with a vintage theme, especially in an outdoor reception venue. If you’re feeling creative, you could even have a go at making your own.

Glow bracelets

One for the actual kids and all the kids at heart. Fill jam jars with multicoloured glow bracelets for the little ones to enjoy snapping and wrapping around their wrists. We also think they’d make for some great photos when the sun goes down and they’re fun for the adults too when the party gets going!

If you’d like further information about any of these children’s wedding favours, as well as some more inspirational ideas, then please head over to our Pinterest board.


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